GenoQuick® MTB VER 1.0 – Speed matters!

Your rapid molecular genetic test system for the detection of M. tuberculosis complex from patient specimens

reaction zones GenoQuick® MTBThe GenoQuick® MTB is based on PCR and GenoQuick® technology and enables the detection of M. tuberculosis complex from decontaminated pulmonary and extrapulmonary clinical specimens.

The GenoQuick® MTB assay is especially suitable for laboratory diagnostics of patients with suspected TB, immunosuppression or patients from high burden countries.
The test procedure is divided into the following steps: DNA extraction from decontaminated patient specimens, amplification of mycobacterial DNA by PCR (M. tuberculosis complex-specific target), hybridization of amplicons with specific probes and detection of amplicon-probe-complex on a lateral-flow-dipstick.
The duration of the test procedure takes only approx. 3 hours.

assay principle GenoQuick® MTB

Your Benefits with GenoQuick® MTB:

  • High specificity and sensitivity: the detection of a MTBC-specific sequence guarantees a reliable analysis.
  • Fast: rapid 3 hours procedure.
  • Direct analysis: starting from decontaminated patient specimens leads to same day results.
  • Easy: obvious results at a glance.
  • Safe: internal controls give increased confidence in results.

Molecular genetic assay for the rapid direct detection of the M. tuberculosis complex from patient specimens

Starting material:
Pulmonary und extrapulmonary direct specimens

DNA Isolation:

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