FluoroType® MTB VER 1.0 – The direct detection test for innovative labs

Your rapid molecular genetic test system for the detection of M. tuberculosis complex from direct sample material

FluoroType® MTB is based on the innovative FluoroType® technology enabling the direct detection of M. tuberculosis complex from decontaminated pulmonary and extrapulmonary patient specimens.

Test principle FluoroType® MTB

The fast and user-friendly processing is mostly automated. First, mycobacterial DNA is extracted from the sample material and specifically amplified via PCR. Then fluorescence labeled probes are bound to single-stranded amplicons. Subsequently, the decrease in fluorescence is measured and displayed as a melting curve. The evaluation is done by the test specific software. Amplification and detection run fully automated in the FluoroCycler® instrument. That means maximum user-friendliness and efficient diagnostics with reliable results at one glance.

Your Benefits with FluoroType® MTB

  • User-friendly procedure: A ready-to-use amplification mix already containing the Taq polymerase is provided with each kit. Amplification and detection run fully automated in a closed system. Evaluation and result interpretation are done by the test-specific software. Thus, hands-on-time is reduced and reliability and user-friendliness is increased.
  • Innovative technology: FluoroType® MTB is based on an innovative fluorescence-based technology enabling fast and reliable results for efficient laboratory diagnostics.
  • Fast results: The test system provides you with reliable results within 3 hours. This allows for an important time advantage in TB diagnostics.
  • Flexibility: You have the choice between an easy manual or automated DNA extraction using the nucleic acid extraction automate GenoXtract®.


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At a glance
Molecular genetic assay for the rapid direct detection of the M. tuberculosis complex from patient specimens

Starting material:
Decontaminated pulmonary und extrapulmonary patient specimens

DNA Isolation:
FluoroLyse or
GXT DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (with  GenoXtract®)

Instrument for Amplification and Detection:
FluoroCycler® 12

Order number: :

  • 24 tests No. 61124
  • 24 tests No. 61124M (incl. FluoroLyse for manual isolation of nucleic acids)
  • 96 tests No. 61196
  • 96 tests No. 61196M (incl. FluoroLyse for manual isolation of nucleic acids)
  • 96 tests No. 61196A (incl. GXT DNA/RNA Extraction Kit for automated isolation of nucleic acids with GenoXtract®)
FluoroType® technology


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