GenoType BC grampositive and
Type BC gramnegative

Your test system for the identification of the most important bacterial Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogens from blood cultures

 According to the WHO sepsis affects more than 30 million people worldwide every year, potentially leading to 6 million deaths. This makes sepsis one of the major causes of death.
In severe sepsis, bacteria spread via the bloodstream throughout the entire body and the immune system is no longer able to control this process. Inflammation of the entire body is the result of this. Intensive care measures and targeted antibiotic treatment are, however, urgently necessary.
Studies show that early antibiotic treatment adapted to the pathogen reduces mortality and the length of the hospital stay. For this reason, a rapid and comprehensive diagnosis of sepsis is of vital importance in targeted treatment.

Starting from the Gram preparation of a positive blood culture, you can detect 17 different Gram-positive bacterial species with the GenoType BC grampositive , as well as the presence of methicillin or vancomycin resistance. GenoType BC gramnegative enables detection of 15 different Gram-negative bacterial species. Therefore, based on our blood culture product line, a more rapid and reliable detection of the most important sepsis pathogens and their resistances is possible.

Test principle of the GenoType Product Series BC

Your benefits with the GenoType Blood Culture product line

  • Rapid result: both tests can be directly performed from positive blood cultures. Subcultivation is not necessary and valuable time is saved. With DNA isolation using the GENO•CARD, you save additional time. Species differentiation and resistance determination is available within just a few hours.
  • Reliable diagnosis: determinations are done on a genetic level. This allows for an unambiguous result which is not based on phenotypical characteristics or biochemical parameters.
  • Comprehensive result: both test systems allow for the detection of a total of 32 bacterial species. Comprehensive sepsis diagnostics are thus available to you.


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Molecular genetic assay for identification of the clinical most relevant gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria from blood culture

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positive blood culture

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Type BC grampositive
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GenoType BC gramnegative
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