FluoroCycler® 96: Optical real-time PCR instrument

FluoroCycler® 96 The FluoroCycler® 96 has been developed for processing the FluoroType® tests and combines nucleic acid amplification and detection in one instrument with minimal risk of contamination. The FluoroCycler® 96  can simultaneously process up to 96 samples and was validated using the 96 well FrameStar® 480 PCR plate and the semi-automatic 4s3™ heat sealer.
The FluoroCycler® 96  is controlled by the Fluoro-Software® on the connected computer, which also performs an automated interpretation of results. The software package includes the Fluoro-Software® IVD for processing and evaluation of the FluoroType® tests and the Fluoro-Software® R&D. The Fluoro-Software® R&D allows for the fast and intuitive creation of customised real-time PCR applications and melting curve analysis.

Your benefits with the FluoroCycler® 96

  •  Superior performance: The FluoroCycler® 96 is a future-proofed instrument ensuring rapid and precise processing of up to 96 samples. The combination of Peltier-based thermal cycling technology with a 5-colour CCD-based optical system images all 96 wells simultaneously.
  • Intuitive software: The pre-installed Fluoro-Software® is easy to use guiding you in simple steps through the program setup.
  • Reliable results at a glance: The Fluoro-Software® IVD  analyses experimental results automatically, providing a convenient and reliable means of interpretation.The Fluoro-Software®  R&D allows optimizing analytical parameters to your own preference.
  • High sensitivity and specificity: The use of the FluoroType® tests ensures the highest levels of sensitivity and specificity.
  • CE-IVD certified: Use of the FluoroType®  tests removes the need for elaborate validation studies.

At a glance
Optical real-time PCR cycler for processing of up to 96 samples

block for 96 well PCR plates

approx. 40 x 45 x 46 cm  (WxDxH)

approx. 30 kg

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