Hain Lifescience SA (Pty) Ltd - Training Laboratory

The “breaking and building” has finally ended, and Hain Lifescience SA (Pty) Ltd is proud to announce that our training laboratory is now ready for action.  Our molecular biology laboratory is situated in the Hain Lifescience building in Midrand, and forms part of our office complex. The laboratory will be used for “in-house” molecular biology training pertaining to our assays as well as re-training for current customers, including training and demonstrations on NEW and exciting Hain Lifescience products that will be introduced into the market in 2011 and 2012.This includes totally new products as well as new and improved versions of products currently in the market.

This laboratory will also be used to demonstrate the various instruments now supplied by Hain Lifescience, including the instruments specifically designed to be used with our assays, but also general instrumentation used for molecular biology laboratories, like our automated DNA extraction system. We also have a new unique Hain GTQ Cycler – a Multi-programmable “touch-screen” Thermocycler that will most probably take the market by storm. If you need to see how any of these instruments function in a real, modern PCR laboratory, you are welcome to come and have a look anytime.

The laboratory consists of four separate rooms: DNA extraction; Master Mix/Clean room; Amplification and Hybridisation rooms.  Each of these rooms have been specifically designed to maximise the training group size, so that no time is wasted during training courses where space is concerned, and also to demonstrate how the ideal PCR laboratory “set-up” should look in terms of work-flow and other requirements like safety and prevention of contamination, including a Level II  Biosafety Cabinet and a dedicated “PCR hood”
Adjacent to the Laboratory is a lecture room where the theory, which forms part of the training, will be presented, and also where delegates will write an assessment test at the end of the course in order to receive the relevant certificates.